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Best Online Casino Games for Beginners

We have all heard of and love casino games, we have seen them in movies and on the TV, but many people do not know much about these casino games. This is why when you are starting out, it is best to find certain games that are easier to understand and play, as they will be a good stepping stone towards other games. Some of the top recommended casino games for beginners are:

slots icon  Slots
roulette icon  Roulette
blackjack icon  Blackjack

These games have very simple rules and are straightforward, not to mention they are quite entertaining. You will be able to play these without prior experience, although we do have several recommendations when playing each of these before you jump in. They are also perfect to play at online casinos.

Nearly all online casinos allows players to use play money and real money. For new players, it is a good idea to get a feel for the game using play money before placing real money wagers.

Slots for Beginners

Slots games have to be the #1 attraction in any and all casinos, whether they are brick and mortar or online. The reason for this is that they offer a lot of fun and entertainment for relatively very low costs, in addition to possible huge winnings called jackpots. You can play penny slots, where the minimum bet you can place is worth Rs.0.50, but you could hit the jackpot and make 1000x times your wager. With the vast variety of slot games that you can find online, including classic, video, and 3D, you will be able to stay entertained for hours without needing to do any research and studying into how to play the games.

Slot games are very basic and the only parts you need to know about are the Lines and the Reels. The pay-lines determine what combination of symbols will give you a pay-out, where the reels are the ones that have the symbols and spin.

You would place a wager on the amount of lines, which can range from 1 up to 30 depending on the specific slot game, and spin.

Tips for playing slots:

• Start with 3 reel slots games. They have some of the best odds for you to win, as well as being very simple.

• Look for new, or newer, slot games on your favorite online casino, as there will be a period of time where the odds are skewed to make the game that much more popular at the time of release, giving you a better chance of winning.

• Progressive slots. These are just regular slot machines, but they have a combined jackpot with other slot machines and/or online casinos, making the potential jackpot pay-out that much larger.

Roulette for Beginners

Roulette is another simple casino game and one of the popular and preferred by all players, based mostly on luck. The rules are easy to understand, as you will only need to pick from among the 36 numbers, the Zero, or any of the side bets (a couple of so wagering options do change among different types of roulette games).

For beginners it is recommended that you place your wagers on the outside, including wagers such as:

• Odd/Even. Wager on whether the number to come out to win is odd or even.

• Red/Black. Wager on whether the number is red or black.

Slightly more advanced bets:

• 1st/2nd/3rd 12: Wager on groups of 12 numbers at a time.

• 1-18 or 19-36: You will wager on half of the board, making your chances of winning 50%.

• Columns: You have 3 columns to choose from; one of the safest bets is to choose 2 of the columns and leave 1 empty, allowing you to win 2:1 bet, so even if you lose 1 column, if you win with the other, it will make up your lost amount plus gain you money.

These wagers, although do not offer large pay-outs, limit your risk and you will be able to learn the different aspects of roulette before trying the inside wagers.

Tips for roulette beginners:

• French roulette has the lowest house edge from among the roulette games, meaning you have higher chances of making a profit. If you can’t find French roulette, play European. Stay away from American Roulette which has the worst odds. The main difference impacting the odds is the number of green slots. They are also noted as “0” slots. American has two green slots, “0” (zero) and “00” (double zero). Both French and European roulette have only one green slot, or “0”. This drastically changes the house edge between the games.

• There is no pattern to roulette. Do not try and come up with a statistical answer for where to put your wager, as that is a big fallacy. When playing roulette, you must treat each spin/round independent from each other, as it is completely random each time.

Casinos will cleverly offer you a history of previous spins, including the number and color. However, it is a gamblers fallacy to try to predict future outcomes based on previous spins. Even if a certain number/color has appeared more than once or is on a streak, it does not mean that the next spin will be the same. Nor does it mean that if it hits red 30 times in a row, there is an increased probability of black being the next spin. The odds of each spin are independent from the others.

Blackjack for Beginners

Blackjack is one of the simpler card games that a casino has to offer, and definitely of the most popular casino game there is. All you need to remember about this game is the two ways you can win:

1. Get a blackjack, which is an added number of 21 with your cards’ value.
2. Beat the dealer’s hand. You can beat his/her hand by simply outscoring them or by having the dealer bust (go over 21, automatically losing).

You do not have to get a perfect 21 every time; you simply need to have a higher hand than the dealer but not above 21, or for the dealer to bust. This is a little more complicated than the pure luck casino games, as there is an element of skill. This is why if you want to be successful at blackjack you should follow certain strategies.

Tips for beginners when playing blackjack:

• Learn the very basic strategies for playing blackjack. For example, some basic rules you can follow are:

– Double down on 11
– Always split Aces
– Stand when the dealer is showing a 3 through 6, and you have a 12 or higher

• Practice. There are plenty of free to play blackjack games at most online casinos such as those recommended here, so take advantage of them and practice the different playing strategies. As we mentioned before, offers both real money and play money. It is a good idea to play at least a few times on play money before wagering real money.

• Do not use Insurance. Insurance is one of the biggest sucker bets that a casino has. It is designed to give you false security, but in the end the best thing that can come out of it is ending up even. It only serves to increase the house advantage.

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