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Online Slots Guide – How to Play Online Slots in India

The shimmering lights, the exciting sounds, the movement of the reels, and the endless enjoyment is what you will find when you play online slots. At some of the most popular online casinos for Indian players, including Royal Panda and Betway for instance, you can play some of the best online slot games around. There is such a wide variety of different slots and games that you will never get bored, along with some great chances at jackpots and progressives; higher than those found at brick and mortar casinos considering they have less overhead expenses. There are certain tips and strategies that you can use to increase your fun, and your winnings. You can play the Classic Slots, Video Slots, 3D Slots, and mix in the great perk of progressive slots.

Best Online Slots Sites for Indians

panda-og hp Royal Panda has a great list of online slots games available. They also allow deposits in INR and recently added sports betting. BET NOW
Betway also offers INR deposits along with a full offering of casino, poker and sports betting. BET NOW

Types of Online Slots

There are four main types of online slots: classic, video, 3D, and progressive. Each one gives you a different type of gameplay, depending on your preferences.

Classic Slots

These types of slots are the closest you will find to the original slots that you could find in casinos 50 years ago. The slot characteristics are:

• 1, 3, and 5 Pay Lines.
• 3 and 5 Reels.

Although many believe that these slots are the hardest to win at, there have been plenty of players that have hit the big jackpot prizes.

Video Slots

The video slots are a step up from the classic slots. As the name suggests they have incorporated video and animations into the different video slot games. The characteristics for these slots are:

• 1 up to 30 Pay Lines.
• 3, 5, and 7 Reels (special cases get 12 Reels).
• Extra symbols with special features:
– Multiplier
– Bonus
– Wild
– Scatter
• Fun animations and videos that make the game more immersive.

3D Slots

The 3D slots are the newest addition to the slot game world. They have only recently come out, as far back as 2 to 3 years. These slots give you an even more immersive environment to play in, allowing you to do more than just spin the reels. These have everything the Video Slots have with some added perks like:

• Bonus games where you play a different game to earn bonus points.
• Extra symbols.
• Better graphics and animations.

It should be noted that 3D slots do not require special monitors or 3D glasses. In this case, 3D slots refers to the enhanced graphics that give a 3D perspective. Instead of flat looking images, they using shading and other graphical tricks to give more depth to the graphics. They also tend to have more depth in playing options as well as the game itself including talking characters.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are not a particular type of slot, but instead is rather a great addition to any of the three types of slots mentioned above. These types of slots will give you a greater chance at winning big since:

• The progressive jackpot is given at random.
• The jackpot is a life changing amount (bigger than regular jackpots since it is the amount gambled by all players together and from many online casinos mixed together).

Online Casino Slots

There are many different online casinos that all have slots, but there are few that will constantly be entertaining. This is why Royal Panda and Betway are a great choice to play at for all casino players and especially for those residents of India since these operators are friendly to Indian players too.

Royal Panda Casino:
• 55 Slot Games

Betway Casino:
• 38 Slot Games

Each one of these great online casinos has a variety of classic, video, 3D, and progressive slot games.

Online Slots, House Edge

There is no one set of predetermined odds that all slot games have. When you are playing slot games online, each spin is a completely new spin. Many believe they can narrow down their chances of winning by calculating the number of symbols, number of reels, and number of pay lines and that the answer will give them the chances of getting the jackpot. This is, unfortunately, not possible as each spin is a completely new spin. The slot machines do not take into account the previous spin in order to calculate which symbols will appear, it is completely random.

With that said, the house edge for online slots depends entirely on the available returns from the slot game creator. There is typically a 2% – 15% house edge. You definitely want to look for slots with a lower house edge.

This means that the player will almost always be at a disadvantage. In other words, the greater the amount of returns a slot game has or gives, the higher the house edge is; this is what most often happens, although there are exceptions to this.

Online Slot Tips

Follow some of these strategies and you will be sure to have fun, and will be able to get closer to that jackpot prize.

Small jackpot slots. Learn to love these slot games as they will always be friendlier than most other slots. The way the house edge applies to slot games with less returns, like the smaller jackpots, will make your chances of winning go up.

Progressive slots. The progressive slots will always be a good choice. On top of the fact that the slot game itself may have a regular jackpot, it will also have the constantly accumulating progressive jackpot. As it is won at random, not depending on any sequence of symbols, anyone has the chance of winning.

• Set a limit. Learn to manage your money and plan out a betting pattern. For instance, you can allot Rs1200 per day of playing on one particular slot game. Setting a limit helps to keep it fun. Losing more than you can afford to spend on entertainment makes it a stressful experience.

• Extend your playing time. We recommend playing slots that are 1/500th of your budgeted amount. So if you are playing with 5000 Rs., we recommend finding slots that are 10 Rs. bet. This will extend your overall playtime, adding to the entertainment value. It will also increase your odds of hitting a progressive jackpot, giving you a greater number of chances.

Walk away. The most important thing you can remember is to walk away. No one likes to lose, but you should always remain calm and learn to walk away if you lose your budged amount.

Play the newer slot games. If you see a new slot game that has just arrived, you should play that. There are rumors that these slot games are looser due to them only starting to play. Slot game companies want to make their games more popular, and will lower the house edge while they accomplish this.

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