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Best Odds at Casinos

best casino oddsWhen playing at any of your favorite Indian friendly online casinos, it would be very beneficial for you to know and understand which games have the best casino odds when gambling. When we say that a game has the best odds, we mean that the House Edge or House Advantage, is lower or the lowest among casino games. Essentially, this edge for the casino comes from the disparity between the payout and the actual odds of an event. This is not the probability that you will win a particular bet, but a measurement of the profitability of the game for the casino. A higher house edge is more profitable than a game with a lower house edge.

In other words, over time, you would be expected to lose less at a game with a lower casino advantage than with a higher one, assuming you play perfect strategy where required, and you don’t take sucker bets.

Some of the casino games with the best and lowest house odds are:

• Blackjack
• Craps
• Baccarat
• French and European Roulette
• Jacks or Better video poker

From among these games, there are also certain wagers that offer you the best odds.

Blackjack House Edge

Blackjack, as you may know, is a very popular table card game, where the objective of the game is to beat the dealer through two methods:

• Getting a higher hand value than the dealer but not above twenty-one
• The dealer’s hand busts (automatically losing regardless of the hand you have) – higher than twenty-one

The odds of blackjack depend greatly on how you play. A typical player that does not have a proper method and making decisions give about a 2% advantage to the casino. This means you need to follow strictly the basic betting strategy for blackjack, or those casino odds start to increase against you. However, even for the novice player, blackjack is still one of the best games in the house assuming you don’t take the sucker bet of insurance.

Blackjack house advantage using basic strategy: 0.5%

Craps House Edge

Craps is one of the most exciting games you can find in a casino online and off. There are so many different wagers and options to choose from and it is a very social game where many different players are hoping for the same or similar outcomes. In order to get low house odds while playing craps, you can use two different types of wagers: the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come and Pass Line/ Come Line wagers.

The Don’t Pass/Don’t Come wager is a very basic bet to place when playing craps. It simply refers to bet on a certain number will not come or appear before a 7. The house odds for this particular wager are 1.14%. However, this percentage can lower by laying double odds, which will bring the house odds to 0.59%.

The Pass Line/Come Line wager is another basic wager in craps online, where you wager that a 7 or 11 will be rolled. These wagers have house odds of 1.41%, but if you double your odds you will end up with house odds of 0.61%.

Craps lowest house advantage:

• 1.36% Don’t pass/don’t come
• 1.41% Pass/Come
• 1.52% Place 6,8

Baccarat House Edge

Baccarat is another table card game, where you have three options you can wager on.

• Player. You will wager that the player’s hand will win.
• Banker. You will wager that the banker’s hand will win.
• Tie. You wager that the round will end in a tie between the two sides, the player and the banker.

When playing baccarat, each wager actually carries different house odds. In order to get the best odds you can actually place your wager on the Banker or the Player.

Baccarat house advantage:

• Banker house odds: 1.06%
• Player house odds: 1.24%

Even though the player wager has higher house odds, they are still lower than many other casino games. Tie is the worst odds of the game of 14.36%.

French and European Roulette House Edge

From the different variations of roulette, French roulette is actually one with the best odds to play on. This is thanks to the fact that French roulette does not have the Double Zero that American roulette uses. When comparing just the wheel without anything else, French roulette has the same house odds that European roulette has, which is 2.70%. However, there is a special wager option used in French roulette that lowers the house odds even further from the European alternative, which is the Surrender option. You can typically find European and American roulette at online casinos, however, it is hard to find French roulette, same goes for land based casinos.

european-rouletteThe surrender option will give you the chance to take back half of your wager if the ball lands on the Zero (0). This option lowers the house odds of French roulette to 1.35%. Even though it is not as low as others, it is still a much better option for those that want to place wagers on the roulette wheel. Essentially, if you are given the choice between the 3 options, always choose French. If French roulette is not available, choose European.

House Advantage of Roulette:

• 1.35% French Roulette
• 2.7% European Roulette
• 5.26% American Roulette

Jacks or Better Video Poker House Edge

The Jacks or Better video poker game actually has some very good house odds. The way you would get excellent winning odds is by:

• Playing on optimal play
• On a full-pay 9-6 machine

By going by these conditions, you can get house odds as low as 0.46% on this video poker game. This is one of the few casino games that provides such good odds for the player. However, just like blackjack, you must employ perfect strategy.

Jacks or Better house edge: 0.46% when playing perfect strategy


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