Indian Deposit Options

What Gambling Sites Allow Indian Rupees

So you’re from India, you want to play some blackjack or bet or cricket games.  Your first intuition might be just to google the ‘best betting sites’ and go from there.  Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t because you’re reading this page.  It actually took my friend Maneesh and I the past 3 years of researching probably over 50 gambling sites to see which ones were friendly to Indians and accepted Rupee deposits.  Before you deposit it’s probably a good idea to take a glance at our online gambling banking review to see what you can expect when depositing.

I will make this article short and to the point because you probably want to begin betting.  We have spoken to the live support and tested all these websites below and found them to be the most Indian friendly.  As of right now these are the only sites that list “Rupees” on the homepage, you’ll notice most other sites say they accept us from India, but then everything is in Euros or British Pounds.  The promotions and stuff like that are always for people in Europe.  The ones we mention in our chart actually have staff and a designated gambling site with Indians in mind.

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Are These Sites Safe

This was our main concern along with legal issues in India.  Were these sites actually safe to play at and would we get our winnings, if indeed we actually could beat the casino/bookmaker.  Let me run you through a brief review of how everything went when we tested these sites.  I must also mention that before put in any of our real personal information we looked around on the web and talked to other people to make sure these sites were safe.  After that we then spoke to the casino manager at the website to make sure everything was on the up-and-up.


Is Betting in Rupees Legal?

We spoke to our lawyer about betting laws on the internet from India.  There are many laws covered in India about gambling online.  Our lawyer came to the conclusion that it was not legal to bet on the internet but that it was not a big deal and the Government of India would have a difficult time proving any illegal action.  All the websites are not based in India therefore they adhere to their local laws which is why they can be publicly traded companies and still offer bets to India so freely.

In conclusion if you want to bet online the laws of India say you shouldn’t, but if you do so in Rupees you are avoiding the Forex law and if you are betting using Skrill technically you are not depositing to a gambling firm and nobody can trace where the funds are going.  You simply declare your income, pay your taxes and everything is good to go.  Nobody has ever been prosecuted for gambling online in Rupees using sites out of India.

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