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Online Horse Racing Gambling From India

Horse racing has been around for centuries, dating back to the Ancient Romans when the gladiators would fight and compete. This great tradition has continued through the ages, although changing in form to fit the more advanced era. Horses have always been the symbol for power, strength, and nobility; which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Sport of Kings. India has been able to take great pride in offering several venues for horse races (Ghura daura) that have become popular worldwide. With such a fierce and strong competition as this, there will always be people interested on wagering on the races. It is always exciting to gamble on the different horses and jockeys. Even though the thrill only lasts for moments at a time, it truly is one of the most exciting events to wager on.

For those interested in placing online bets for horse races held at Indian tracks, unfortunately, this isn’t available. The only way to bet on horse races at any of the many Indian racecourses is to visit the track or an authorized kiosk.

However, horse race betting is available to Indians who are interested in betting on horse race events around the world. There are horse betting opportunities daily online. For an added thrill and better experience, we recommend live horse betting, also called in-play horse betting. We will cover that as well as depositing  mobile betting and basic horse betting tips below.

Best Sites for Horse Racing

Betway offers a solid horse betting experience. They have a good selection of daily races, live betting option, virtual races and a lot of race information to help you place your bets. BET NOW

Depositing for Indians

When it comes to depositing at sites that take wagers from Indian players, we have found that ewallets are the most reliable method. Skrill and Neteller are our favorites. They are accepted at nearly every reputable betting site and have reasonable fees for using their service. Credit cards are still the most popular, but they can be very unreliable. Ewallets also are one of the best ways to use rupees with Indian satta sites.

In-Play or Online Live Horse Betting

In-play horse race betting gives bettors the chance to watch the action live on their computer. Nothing matches the thrill of being at a live racecourse, but live online betting adds extra excitement that isn’t available simply by placing a bet. Live horse race betting is available at Look for the In-Play or Live sections on the site.

Live betting allows for bettors to make wagers during the event. However, the most interesting aspect of it is the ability to live-stream the events to your computer. You can even live stream some events to your ipad, iphone or android device. Simply place a qualifying bet and you will be given access to the event!

Mobile Horse Gambling

With such an increase in technology, punters can now gamble from anywhere and anytime. They can use their mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets in order to view all of the horse racing fixtures, as well as place wagers on the live horse races. There is no need to worry about missing anything, since punters will always have the option of using their mobile devices.

Punters have the opportunity to view the latest odds, place their wagers, and even view the results all from their mobile devices. It is a great way to stay updated with all of the upcoming races, as well as keep track of the results.

As we mentioned in the live horse betting section, you can also view some events from your mobile device.

Virtual Horse Races

Virtual horse racing might sound weird, but it’s actually pretty impressive. Some sites offer virtual racing which is exactly what it sounds like. A computer program simulates a horse race using 3d graphics which are quite remarkable. These events are held daily and can be a good option if live horse betting is not available when you are online. You can place bets and watch the event as if it is really happening right on your computer. I still prefer real racing events, but it is definitely worth checking out. It’s definitely interesting technology.

Indian Horse Races

Thoroughbred horse racing has been around years, and has been present in India since long before. With the creation of the gambling racecourses, the Indian government has made this type of gambling (satta) into a highly regulated and closely guarded sport. As such, the India does not allow online bookmakers to make the races available to be wagered on through their racebooks. If you want to place bets on race events within India, you must visit the track or a licensed vendor.

There are really five governing bodies when it comes to setting up and managing the horse races in India, as well as hosting them at different racecourses. These five governing bodies joined together to form what is called the Turf Authorities of India. It is comprised of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Royal Western India Turf Club, Ltd., Madras Race Club, Bangalore Turf Club Ltd., and the Hyderabad Race Club.

Indian Horse Racing History

The earliest account of horse racing can be dated back to 1833, when a field Colonel decided to race a pack of foals. Once that happened, in the British capital of the time, Calcutta became an international beacon for horse racing. This went on for over 70 years until horse racing became more of a regular sport, with many venues and tournaments popping up. It was not until the Second World War that India saw some change, and due to the Indian revolution for independence, most of the racecourses were shut down. By the 1980’s, the country seemed to get into better shape and started seeing outside investors. This is when the Managing Committee came in and started this great competition up again. The rise was slow, but in the past 10 years India has seen a huge increase of business and sponsors for the horse races.

Horse Racing Tips

  • Make Minimum Bets First.  Until you get the hang of placing bets, make minimum bets to start with. This will keep the learning curve less expensive. You will still get the excitement of betting, especially if it is your first time, but with less pain to your bankroll until you feel more comfortable.
  • Beginner Bets. For those new to horse racing, stick to the simple or straight bets of win, place, show or across the board. These are the easiest to understand and get familiar with horse betting.Win: you are betting your horse will place 1st.
    Place: you are betting your horse will place 1st or 2nd.
    Show: you are betting your horse will  place 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
    Across the board: is a combination of all 3 above bets. Essentially you are making a wager on each one. So if the minimum bet is ₹ 10, an across the board bet would cost  ₹ 30. It would pay separately based on the odds of each win, place and show bets.
  • Race Surface and Past Results. When looking to choose a horse. Look up the history of its races and its results on the surface types. Some horses preform better on different race surfaces.
  • Bet with the jockey. The horse is just one part of horse racing. The jockey also has a huge factor on winning. If a jockey tends to preform well, this may indicate a higher degree of skill, and a higher chance of winning.
  • Bet the favorite. If you don’t have any clue on how to bet on horse racing, the easiest way to pick a decent bet is to simply bet on the favorite. Statistically, the favorite will win 33%, place 53% and show 67% of the time. The payouts tend to be lower on the favorites, but your odds of winning are higher with the favorite.
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