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How to Safely Bet Cricket Matches Online in India

Cricket has been a national sport for many years. Cricket players from India, as well as from other countries from around the world come together to play in the Indian Premier League, which is the largest and most prestigious cricket league in India. It is one of the most popular cricket events worldwide. This is one reason satta has become so popular and wide-spread, with the exciting and competitive nature of this tournament.

The IPL is played using the Twenty20 format, also known by its abbreviation T20. This method of playing cricket was started in 2003 by England and Wales, and has since then spread to other parts of the world. The T20 is where two teams battle for a maximum of 20 overs during single innings. There are other national cricket leagues, mostly comprised of teams from diverse regions and cultures, such as the Bengal cricket team, the Hindus cricket team, and the India Green team, all of which you can bet on at online cricket satta sites.

Best Cricket Satta Sites

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Mobile Cricket Betting

If live betting were not good enough, you also have the ability of wagering wherever you are, on the go from your mobile. Whether you are travelling, out eating or other, you will be able to make your bets on the go, and depending on the bookmaker, you could even be live streaming your matches and/or results from your mobile too; allowing for the best mobile cricket betting experience one could imagine.

Unfortunately, not all mobiles are compatible with the bookmaker’s software, but those most common ones that are include iphones, androids, and ipads; everything else, you should ask the customer service or look around in the FAQ section for your answers. That covered, all you have to do is click on our links via your mobile, and you will be automatically eligible for our freebets or bonuses at the bookmaker you choose and signup to here.

Live Cricket Betting

Live cricket betting, sometimes known as “in-play” betting, allows bettors to participate in placing wagers during the event as it unfolds. Many times this feature is most often accompanied with a live video feed of the match or at least live updates. This offers the opportunity to place bets that aren’t available with traditional betting. Bettors can place a wager on the current batsman, over, and ball. For example, with each new ball, bettors can bet how many runs will be scored. As the game progresses, new betting options will appear in the live betting window.

This is a great way to enhance the cricket satta experience all while you enjoy the competitive match and potential rupees.

Depositing Funds

Depositing can be difficult for Indian bettors, however, we have found that ewallets are the easiest way for Indians to deposit and withdraw. While credit cards tend to be the most preferred, their success rates are relatively low and they can be unreliable even if they work on occasion.

We recommend using Neteller or Skrill. They are both reputable ewallets that work similar to an online bank account.

Indian Cricket Tournaments and Leagues

We have only touched the surface of the different leagues and tournaments that India hosts when it comes to the great game of cricket (kriketa). First off, the IPL cricket tournament is one of the most popular and widely viewed cricket tournaments in India and around the world, as many prestigious teams come to prove who is better. The official bearer of the national cricket tournaments is the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) and hosts a multitude of tournaments.

The first cricket tournament that was played under the BCCI since its inception in 1928 is the Ranji Trophy, which began started in 1934 and is where Bombay walked away with top honours. The Irani Trophy is another tournament that started early on in 1959 and was named after a BCCI board member, Z. R. Irani. There is also the Duleep Trophy, which was began with the efforts of expanding and creating a more competitive cricket arena, as well as a way to assess the ability and skill of the cricketers.

Later on in Indian history, the Deodhar Trophy emerged. It started in 1973 and was created for the sole purpose of competing against the Ranji Tournament and is open to the five Indian cricket zones; North, South, East, West, and Central Zone’s. The latest tournament that the BCCI created is known for its popular title, the Challenger Trophy and was brought about in 1994. This tournament is actually played by the Indian national team, along with two other teams; these consist of the best cricketers India has to offer. Even though these are the most popular national kriketa tournaments, there are many others.

Cricket Satta Tips

  • Determine what kind of betting you are looking for. If you are gambling just for the fun or thrill of it, you don’t have to take a very measured approach. Just bet and have fun. However, if you are looking to take betting more serious, you will have to spend many hours researching before each bet.
  • Don’t let emotion determine your bets. Many people will simply bet on their favorite team, which is fine for those simply looking for the excitement that gambling can bring, but it isn’t a good strategy for those who are looking to take cricket gambling more serious. Don’t let team loyalty determine how you bet. Instead, look for a more scientific strategy. Consider how the teams stack up, injuries, past performances, weather, and anything that can help you determine the odds of the outcome. For those devoted fans who can’t shake emotion but find they are consistently betting on a losing team, try betting on opposing teams. If your favorite team wins, you have the satisfaction of the win. If your favorite team loses, you get rewarded for it with the winning bet.
  • Find value in cricket bets. This can only be done when you devote the proper amount of time researching a match-up. Think of odds as the price of a particular outcome. If a bookmaker has a certain team odds showing a 45% probability of winning and you think the team has a higher chance of winning, you have found value on the bet. The same can be for probability of losing. The idea here is to find bets that are ‘undervalued’ where the odds presented are lower than what you think they actually are.
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