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Online Lottery vs Keno

The lottery has always been around, even during the times of gladiators as they drew to see when they were to fight – win and or die on the sands. Obviously the lottery has changed a lot ever since then, and has now become a way for many to get rich on chance. There is another game, Keno, which has similar traits as lottery that has been used in casinos for many years as well; it has even been used as a form of lottery. As they have their similarities, they also have their differences. You should get to know them, and why they have such a powerful influence over the players and casinos games offered.

Playing International Mega-Jackpots allows players from India to participate in international drawings for massive jackpots, including Powerball, Megamillions, Euromillions and more.

Where to Play Keno offers a lottery style casino game known as keno. It works very much the same as lottery, except that the drawings are held more often.

Playing Lottery in India

In the event that you want to play online lottery, the steps are quite easy. Depending on the specific type of lottery, the rules may be different. For instance, you could be playing in one of these different Indian lotteries like:

Lottery balls in glass tubesPunjab Lottery
• Chetak Lottery
• Playwin Lottery
• Thursday Super Lotto
• Saturday Super Lotto
• Thunderball
• Jaldi

With most lotteries, the way you play is the same.

1. Pick 6 numbers ranging from 0 to 49, a possible 50 different numbers
2. Purchase the ticket with those number sequences (you can purchase more than one)
4. Wait until the lottery is drawn to see the results

It is an easy process, but the hard part is picking the right sequence of numbers. Additionally, lotteries are usually run by the government, although you can also find lottery games online at online casinos and other gambling sites.

Online Lottery vs. Online Keno

There are several similarities and differences between these two, lotteries and keno. The main similarities are:

• Both are a game of chance involving the drawing of random numbers.

The differences are:

For keno:

• Different ways of marking the ticket. The way you mark the ticket and the number of spots you mark will affect the size of your pay-out.

• You can mark the ticket:
– 15 to 20 random numbers
– Bet on groups of numbers
– Two groups/sets/spots of numbers on your ticket
– Bet on numbers on edge of ticket

You can mix and match the options however you want.

• You will wager any amount of money

For lottery:

• You select a specific amount of numbers (usually 6 numbers)
• You will only win if all your numbers are drawn
– Some lotteries give you a smaller pay-out if you have partial correct numbers

• You pay a set amount per ticket (the price does not affect the overall pay-out, only the amount of people playing does)

These differences and similarities makes both the lottery and keno equally as entertaining, and will give you the chance to select from various options when looking to win some money off of a lottery based game.

Odds of Lottery/Keno

As you know, the lottery and keno are both games that are based on random numbers. As the game is completely random, there is no chance of actually formulating a betting system that will allow you to pick the right numbers every time; they truly are luck based games. Even though they are based on luck, they still offer you huge payout for a relatively small investment. A vast amount of people play the lottery and keno, and this makes the pool size enormous, while the cost of the ticket is very low compared to the prize pool.

The odds of winning a lottery prize depend on how many numbers are at play, and how many you need to match.

For instance, a game like Thursday Super Lotto that requires you to pick 6 numbers, ranging from 1-49 is:

Jackpot: 1 in 13,983,816

5 numbers: 1 in 54,201

4 numbers: 1 in 1,032

3 numbers: 1 in 57

A game like Jaldi 5 that requires you to pick 5 numbers ranging between 1-36 is:

Jackpot: 1 in 376,992

4 numbers: 1 in 2,432

3 numbers: 1 in 81

2 numbers: 1 in 8

However, this impressively large ratio diminishes as more tickets are bought by the interested person. We are not telling you to go out and buy 100 tickets, as that is not a very useful tip, but the odds do improve to a very small degree.

The odds for winning in a typical keno game are:

1 number: 3 to 1
2 numbers: 15.63 to 1
3 numbers: 71.07 to 1
4 numbers: 325 to 1
5 numbers: 1549 to 1
6 numbers: 7752 to 1
7 numbers: 40878 to 1
8 numbers: 230,114 to 1
9 numbers: 1,389,686
Jackpot: 8,911,702 to 1

Looking at both of the odds of winning, it would seem impossible, but there are a lot of people who have been able to win, even against these immense odds so do not get too sad if you do not win the first time, or several times after that.

Why People Play the Lottery and Keno

The most obvious reason to why people play the lottery and Keno is to get a life changing amount of money from a small investment. There is always a little excitement when you go out and buy a lottery ticket or fill out the ticket online. You are always hoping that your numbers are the winning numbers. This is why there are many lottery and keno players that use their lucky numbers in order to win. Figure out what numbers are lucky for you and keep trying for that big win.


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